CV [pdf]


I am an Assistant Professor in the University of Delaware's Department of Psychology and head of the Perception and Learning Lab. We study human cognition using neuroimaging and behavioral experiments. Pending the April 2016 opening of a new multimodal imaging center at the University of Delaware (including a 3T Siemens Prisma for human MRI), we conduct fMRI research at University of Maryland, College Park's Marlyand Neuroimaging Center.

From 2008-2012, I conducted research in the lab of Dr. Marvin Chun at Yale University. From 2003-2008, I was a graduate student at Harvard University in the Department of Psychology (Dr. Yuhong Jiang's Visual Cognition lab and the Harvard Vision Sciences Lab). My undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Psychology is from Vanderbilt University (B.S., 2002), where I worked with Dr. Thomas Palmeri, Dr. Isabel Gauthier, and Dr. Randolph Blake.


My research is devoted to understanding the cognitive and neural basis of learning, particularly with respect to the visual system and reinforcement learning systems. I study how learning can modify perception and how we learn from experience with reinforcement and punishment to make better decisions. Currently, the focus of my research is understanding how the visual system and reward-learning mechanisms of the brain may interact and influence one another. Other related interests include the role of attention in learning and implicit visual learning.

Another long-standing interest of mine is the perception of structure in visual scenes. I have studied perceptual grouping and the distortion of perceived space that seems to occur within objects.


Published or in press:

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